2 weeks in the north...

2 weeks Sweden.. My first holiday in the north. And what should I say.

Even if it wasn't as warm as at home or even further south. We had an incredibly good time. We were on the road every day, which we probably wouldn't have done if it had been warm.

Every day we experienced new things. We scoured the southern coast, ate so much cinnamon rolls every day, swam naked in the lakes and the ozean because there wheren't so many people.

I haven't been so satisfied and happy as I was on vacation for a long time because it was so slowly there.

Our highlights were.. Hallongarden - a bear mile in Sweden, the village of the vikings (good for small boys :))

all the beaches to the left and right of Trelleburg, all the nature reserves, the small magical town of Lund, the beautiful lakes, and last but not least, all the wonderful bakerys which sells delicious fresh bread and of course cinnamon and cardamon buns. We can warmly recommend the travelguide "Glücklich in Südschweden" We wouldn't have done so much if we hadn't had the guidebook.

The swedish people were so friendly, always and everywhere but at the same time reserved.

There were small Flohmärkte "Loppis" on every corner. The doors were always open and sometimes the owners of the houses opened personally. So heartful!

We slept in a small Airbnb right on the beach. Here you can find the link. If you want to book, write to me beforehand, you can also book directly with the landlady.

Our conclusion. It was a fantastic experience and we will definitely come back again!