such a big city with so many bicycles and so much to discover...

Copenhagen is a super exciting city. For me, as a passionate cyclist, it is incredibly nice to see how it works even with little traffic.

I have never seen so few cars and so many bicycles. When we crossed the street, we first had to make sure that a bike wasn't running over us instead of a car, and you clearly noticed that cyclists are the ones who have priority in the city. Not the cars. Very very exciting to see!

We liked the Reffen food mile best. We didn't want to leave at all. So much good vibes, to nice music and so much delicious food everywhere.

It was so great and very nice for our son, because he could run and climb as much as he wanted.

The tourist attractions like the Nydhafen are very crowded, but still worth a visit. The shopping miles are also absolutely worth seeing.

We slept in the A&O Sydhaven. It's a hostel and you have to be aware of that beforehand. It's worth the price.

Copenhagen is very expensive and when you want to pay so much money for your accomodation it will be fine.

There are many opportunities for children to play there. Indoor football, climbing wall, XXL chessboard, etc.

In the near oft the hotel there is a super delicious Indian restaurant, a very authentic Thai food. Both to find via Google Maps.

As well as very delicious cafes where you can have so good breakfast and cafe and if you like doing yoga, you will find the yoga studio Yum Yoga around the corner, which is connected to a cafe. I was able to enjoy a wonderful Sup Yoga class there.

Copenhagen is definitely worth a trip and there is certainly more to discover than what we managed to do in the 2 days..